Pandemic News

More Government Spending

The government is set to give more money away to eligible child tax credit families. The monthly child tax credit payments are scheduled to start

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Netflix Normalizing Perversion

On July 21st, Netflix will be streaming a new reality dating show called Sexy Beasts. Unlike the Bachelor or Love Is Blind, in Sexy Beasts, contenders dress up with detailed

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Japan Calls to Protect Taiwan

On Monday, Japan’s deputy defense minister said it was necessary to “wake up” to China’s pressure on Taiwan and protect the island “as a democratic

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Trump Visits U.S.-Mexico Border

In his visit to the southern border, President Trump slammed Biden for his approach to the crisis. Trump claimed the situation escalated at the border

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World News

Famine Strikes North Korea

Because of the Covid-19 restrictions added to last year’s drought and typhoons, “The people’s food situation is now getting tense,” Kim Jong Un said. Due to

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