Six LA Police Department Members Sue City Officials for Obstructing Employee Requests for Religious Exemptions

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This came about because Los Angeles is requiring all city employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine by October 1, yet a whopping one-fourth of all LA city employees have pleaded religious exemption. Further, the article goes on to share how a group of one-hundred firefighters, state troopers, and healthcare officials from Washington have filed a lawsuit against government officials for making them fill out a hefty questionnaire detailing their reasons for exemption. With the high numbers of religious exemption requests, the article states how many city officials wonder whether employees are being sincere in their religious reasons or if they simply want to get out of being vaccinated. So the question to ponder is whether local governments should be allowed to reject some of these requests at their choosing or should all medical and religious exemptions be accepted as these six officers are hoping to accomplish in their lawsuit?