DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas States “I’m Not Going to Resign” in Light of Resignation Demands

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Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has rejected demands for his resignation by Republican leaders in Congress.  “I’m not going to resign,” DHS secretary told CNN’s Chris Wallace.  He said, “We in the United States, have tremendous pride in our country as a country, a place of refuge. We are a nation of immigrants. We are also a nation of laws.”  Amid the unprecedented number of illegal immigrants penetrating the U.S. southern border, some Republican leaders are threatening to impeach Mayorkas.  Rep Andy Biggs (R-AR) tweeted, expressing his direct opposition to Mayorkas’ destructive immigration policies, “No ‘outside law firm’ will protect Mayorkas from impeachment. We won’t stop until he is removed from office.”