International Prayer Targets

a.  Pray that God would use the desperation and fear created by the global pandemic to bring nations to the hope and restoration that only Christ can give.  Pray that this season of global “shaking” would lead to a season of global harvest.  This involves the mindset in prayer that every crisis is an opportunity for God to move and touch many lives.


b. Pray for God to give both spiritual and scientific breakthroughs that would end the pandemic, including fully-effective and tested vaccines, reasonable mitigation strategies at the right time and scope, and supernatural healing and deliverance for victims of the disease.


c. Pray for the nations who are using the global pandemic as an excuse for authoritarian and draconian measures.  Ask God to expose government abuses and raise up government reformers who will continue to value liberty in each nation affected by the pandemic.  (Revelation 7:9, Isaiah 60:1-3)


d. Pray for full exposure of the true origins of the virus and proper legal accountability for those who allowed the virus to be released. (Ephesians 5:8-16)

a.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for the peace and security of the Israeli people.  (Psalm 122:6)

b.  Pray that the alliances which began with the Abraham Accords between Israel, the UAE, Bahrain and other Middle Eastern nations would continue to be strengthened and expanded to include other nations in the Middle East and North Africa.
(Isaiah 19:23-25)


c.  Pray that Iran’s nuclear development plans would be frustrated by God and opposed by other nations in the region. (Psalm 2)

a. Pray for the safe evacuation of American citizens and Afghani refugees.

b. Pray for the protection and encouragement of persecuted Christians, subjugated women, and other  newly-oppressed groups in Afghanistan.

c.  Pray that God would expose evil agendas that have driven this crisisamong the Taliban and its allies, in the Chinese government, and among corrupt officials within the American government.

d.  Ask God to release wisdom and strategies to global leaders for confronting the Taliban resurgence and opening a new chapter of liberty in the nation in the future.

CIS Partner Prayers and Discussion

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