USA Prayer Targets

Pray for deep and nation-changing revival in America.  Despite how dark and corrupt our nation is right now, it is also more ripe for a national revival than it has ever been.  Just as God used the first and second “great awakenings” to bring great reform and revival to the nation at moments in our history when it was most needed, let us pray that this would happen again in a third great awakening! (2 Chronicles 7:14)

a.  Pray for revival in the Body of Christ, that “lukewarm” believers will leave their apathy and complacency and become passionate about the issues on the Lord’s heart. (Revelation 3:13-22)

b.  Pray for God to strengthen believers to share Christ with their friends, family, and co-workers and to speak moral truth on important issues as they arise.  (Acts 16:31)


c.  Pray that God will raise up evangelists to gather a great harvest of souls in our nation, as well as healthy churches equipped to make strong disciples as the lost are saved.
(Matthew 9:37-38)


d.  Ask the Father for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit we need so that leaders and believers in every field will have the power to bring reform to the institutions of our nation.  (Acts 1:8, Isaiah 2)

The moral decay of our nation has led to a serious crisis in every institution in American culture.  In addition to pursuing revival and evangelism, we also have the power to speak the truth on key issues, raise up and support leaders, bind the plans of demonic powers in prayer, and loose the perfect plan that God has for our nation.  Jesus guaranteed our spiritual authority in prayer when he declared:

“I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven;
whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven,
and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”
(Matthew 16:19)

a. Education:
Pray for reform and revival among our K-12 schools, colleges and universities.  Ask God for righteous teachers and professors and students to have the courage to speak out.  Ask God to bind the plans of the enemy to further pervert our children’s curriculum or radicalize our youth.  Ask the Lord to release His plans for youth revival and curriculum reform.  

b.  Media/Social Media:
Bind the enemy’s plans to silence believer’s voices and dissenting political opinions.  Pray for the scope and reach and righteous voices to expand.  Ask God to loose his plan to raise up truth-tellers and righteous voices in our media and on social media.

c. American Corporations:
Pray that American corporations will begin to respond to the conviction of the Holy Spirit on key moral issues and become less susceptible to pressure from leftist radicals.

d. Government:
Ask the Lord to give wisdom, counsel, conviction, and heavenly insight to the leaders in our Federal government, state governments, and local municipalities.  Pray for exposure of the “works of darkness” and for whistle-blowers to be raised up and heard at the right time.  Ask the Lord for righteous national leaders to run for the upcoming mid-term elections in 2022.

Bind the plans of the enemy to use terrorists or foreign powers to threaten the peace and security of our nation.  While many immigrants come seeking a better life in America, we also are facing an influx of unscreened migrants with criminal, cartel, or terrorist backgrounds.


Ask the Lord to give insight and wisdom to our intelligence officials, courage and conviction to our armed forces and border personnel, and key warnings and strategies at the right time to our national leaders.


Pray for the safety and security of your own neighborhood and city.  Ask the Lord to empower righteous people and patriots to protect their homes and neighborhoods.  Ask the Father to give important revelation, strategy, and courage to everyone involved in securing your region from domestic or foreign attack, including first-responders and individual households.

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